Today’s Craziest Seen Thing: Changing Tires on the Road

So I’ve seen pictures of Saudis standing atop of cars in-motion, driving on two wheels, but I never could convince my brain to accept them as being real photos. Now I can (to a degree), with this video of a bunch of guys not just hanging out on top of a car going at full speed on two wheels, but they also decide to take off, not just one, but two of the damn things tires while they’re at it.



Also, these guys made a campfire setup with lazer lights and the visual effect is effin’ awesome.


0JrYLH8F = m*a

And like Shiva the destroyer, here is Scientifically Accurate Ducktales

Bizarre Borders: Canada and the USA

This great video recounts the history and establishment of the border between these sister countries and reveals some pretty crazy shit that exists right up to today.

New Zealand Landscapes Timelapse

Some truely stunning images of good ol’ New Zealand landscapes by Beven Percival.

I need to get out of the city more often.

Oh Hi…

…yeah, been slack on the updates lately I know, but will resume regular interneting soon once this surprisingly busy period passes.


Edit: yeah, zero idea what the previous (and subsequently deleted) video was, so here’s a video for some Resort Collection or… something. I dunno, but it’s awesome.