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Dialup handshake example

Sociology (and stuff)

 A view taken from the side of one of the many lagoons at the New York World's Fair on July 7, 1939. Light brings out some of the wondrous beauty as erected at the "World of Tomorrow". The famous statue of George Washington is silhouetted against the lighted Perisphere. (AP Photo)The 1939 New York World’s Fair


Supercut: 50 “four in the morning”sMuseum of Four in the Morning





Also, these guys made a campfire setup with lazer lights and the visual effect is effin’ awesome.


0JrYLH8F = m*a

And like Shiva the destroyer, here is Scientifically Accurate Ducktales

Tom Clancy’s The Division

As far as launch trailers go, this is one of the better ones.


Simon C PageOptical Ripple by Simon C Page

And awesome! New Walking Dead DLC has been released!


And to cap off, some remarkable NASA footage of those Oklahoma tornadoes of late.

David A Reeves Sihouettes

David A Reeves
David A. Reeves is a 28 year old Rhode Island native studying photography at NSCAD University in Halifax, NS and makes these great cut-out silhouettes of various pop culture medias. With an interest in music, photography and movies, he’s greatly inspired by video games, films and tacos.


[ Official Tumblr ]


Also, it’s pretty mean, but this edit of Lance Armstrong’s confession interview with Oprah recut to the lyrics of Radiohead’s Creep is very well done.