Thanks Batman

Am home early today thanks to the flu looking to do something vile to my body. But just as the night is darkest before the dawn, a new fucking Dark Knight Rises trailer has made my fevered evening more endurable. Unlike the latest Prometheus trailer (that’s rumoured to be filled to the brim with devil-worshiping spoilers), this one at first, seem like it’s gonna head into that territory but then, Christopher Nolan’s shining fucking name blazes across the screen and it almost mutates into this insanely pants tightening sense of ‘okay… fuck yes. This is gonna be awesome.’

That or the flu meds are finally starting to work.

Well done internet…

A few years ago I made the conscious decision to stop watching trailers. Avoid them at all possible cost. For me, the state of movie advertising has gotten so bad, that by the end of watching a trailer, chances are, you’ve already seen over half the movie’s plot*.

Thanks, but fuck off, no thanks.

That has been the norm for years up until this very week, where I just clicked that I’ve watched the trailers for The Hobbit, The Dark Knight Rises and now Ridley Scott’s Alien-esque prequel Prometheus.  Granted that they’re all teasers, yeah it’s just images and impressions of what the final film will be like, and hells yeah do I feel excitement for all of them, but man, do I feel very wrong in watching trailers again like that.

Anyhow, here’s the one for Prometheus, definitely more and more becoming my most anticipated flick for 2012.

* best example is the trailer for Drive. DON’T watch the trailer for Drive before you see Drive.


Disappeared for a bit there. I’ve been watching a new movie pretty much whenever I’m not working and it’s been great, but leaves little time for other things like blogging as one might notice. Been keeping close to the average set out in the last post though. About 10 movies watched in the last four days. Think I might take a break tonight, but that could change later.

Meanwhile, I’ve started up a twitter account which you might notice on the sidebar. Something of a tester just for September, but so far… meh. Find it fairly redundant to be posting about what I’m doing all the time and haven’t even bothered to use the mobile phone feature cause honestly… who the hell wants to know that I’m at the supermarket or what movie I’m watching or how many cancers I’ve cured in an afternoon? I mean, asides from the obligatory stalker, but they’ve already got this blog. Mind you, if they wanna real time stalk, more power to them… the hell am I saying?

Pretty tired now, so a few links and then yeah, why not? Let’s do one more movie tonight…

The Pixies have announced a one off gig next year and I’m pretty damn keen to get myself a ticket. [full article]

A website that gives recipes on how to transform your fast food takeaways into gourmet looking meals. Definitely worth checking out. A simple favourite is a KFC meal into a chicken corn chowder amongst many others. []

Good ol’ New Scientist brings us 13 More Things That Don’t Make Sense.

And finally a featurette for Wes Anderson’s upcoming adaptation of The Fantastic Mr Fox. I can’t wait. Apple HD options can be found here. Else embedded below.

The Men Who Stare At Goats Trailer

This looks good. Not gonna dub it brilliant. But it looks good.

…okay, looks pretty damn good.

New Bored to Death Trailer

My new thing to look forward to next month: Bored to Death, a new HBO series starring Jason Schwartzman as a fake private investigator and also stars the hilarious Zach Galifianakis and Ted Danson. He’s the trailer and I can’t wait.

Inception Teaser

Just a teaser and not much too it, but damn I’m excited. Announced this year, began filming only a month ago, teasers already out and it’ll be released less than a year away. Christopher Nolan is efficient if not brilliant. (He’s totally brilliant).

Shaped Exactly Like The Earth

Slow day. Trying to configure phone to be able to blog on the go and solve quantum physics equations. Having more success with the quantum physics.

Everyone watched the new Avatar teaser trailer yet? Half the internet already seems to have. Fin’s got some nice screencaps from it on his blog here. There hasn’t been much publicity about the 15 minute 3D previews this weekend which is kinda good, cause I don’t want to risk not getting a ticket so shhhhhh!

Friend Rocky started up a blog this week where he plans to post a photo from around London once per day. He’s already behind, but with his lifestyle sometimes, I’d understand why. [P365 – A Photo A Day]

And then this great article from had me gut laugh a bit:

Sting backfires as Aussie police PC hacked
An Australian police boast on TV about breaking up an underground hacker forum has backfired after hackers broke into a police computer system.

Security consultants say police appear to have been using the computer as a honeypot to collect information on members of the forum but the scheme came undone after the officers forgot to set a password. [full article]

Yes, Oh Freakin’ Yes!

Trailer for Where the Wild Things are is finally out and crapmypants awesome. I can’t wait. Embedded trailer here, but you totally should watch the nice HD ones at apple instead here.

No Heroics

New series being coming out this week in the UK, looks to have potential if not be something different at least. And hey, its got a Doorman who’s superpowers is summoning monkeys. Monkeys! That’s at least worth a gander at the trailer here…