Bruce Willis the Fitness

Have returned from my most brief of Auckland excursions after witnessing the fitness of Dylan Moran. Absolute hell getting up there on a Friday night though and finding parking in the inner city was a hell and made a tad late to the start of the show and made me wish cancer on several parked car owner’s future children and probably cancer on their cancer… just to be sure. But yes, the man was most funny and and I touched myself in comedic delight through it all.

Meanwhile, to reinforce my everlasting love of Bruce Willis, who just recently took up to posting on the AICN talkback boards about a whole bunch of stuff on Die Hard 4 and answering questions on his opinions about his films, an amusing time of him trying prove he was the real deal and best of all, this bit about Michael Bay…

“I would rather eat a live baby in front of my grandma than have Michael Bay direct a DIE HARD movie. I would rather go hunting with Dick Cheney than let that car engine in a human skin leave his satanic fingerprints on John McClane. In fact, this new PG-13 thing is the only part of ruining modern action movies that Michael Bay is not personally responsible for. The rest of it is all him. Don’t even fucking say those words in the same sentence, you’re only gonna give them ideas for part 5. It’s like saying Candyman in front of a mirror, that motherfucker will show up and snort John McClane’s soul right in front of you and then piss it out on your shoes,” wrote Willis. “Would have ruined DH4. Few people will work with him now, and I know I will never work with him again.”

I totally gave myself the bad touch reading that over and over again and now scientists are now baffled as to how Bruce Willis’ awesomeness just keeps getting bigger.

Ninja and Batman… awesome.

The week still keeps churning on. 12 hour day today of teach and work and not working and working again. Tomorrow morning is more work with not enough sleep to be had, and then up to Auckland for a few hours to watch Dylan Moran (yayness) and then back down again as there is more work to be had on the Saturday morning. Which, hopefully afterwards, reserves the weekend for some 48 hour planning, drinking and more planning.

Not much else, except for this awesome article curtsey of Robbie which I will just requote here…

ORLANDO, FL (AP) — A man dressed like a ninja broke into an Orlando home, smashed furniture, attacked two people and then vanished without a trace.

Three people were inside the home watching a movie Sunday afternoon when the ninja ran in, punched one man in the mouth and then kicked another man.

The victims — who did not want to be identified — reported that the costumed man slammed the DVD player and VCR into a dresser. Then he pulled out a knife and started waiving it around. The victims say the intruder didn’t steal anything from the house but took several pictures with his cell phone camera.

When it was time for the ninja to make his escape, he didn’t disappear in a cloud of smoke. The victims say the man ran down the street to a black BMW and drove off.

Which is just great, cause as I’ve said in the past, it’s scientifically proven that anything with a ninja in it is 150% cooler.

This also reminds me of an earlier article I read a couple of years ago and have lauded many times ever since. I can’t find the direct link for it anymore as it has probably been taken down from the CNN site, but thanks to the bloggers is available to be reposted here…

A 6-foot-tall, 275-pound bearded man crashed a children’s birthday party in Oak Forest, identified himself as “vengeance,” then helped himself to a piece of cake, police said.

The incident occurred earlier this month at a home in the 14800 block of South Landings Lane in the south suburb, Deputy Police Chief Nick Sparacino said.

When the owner of the home asked the man who he was, the intruder replied, “I am vengeance. I am the knight. I am Batman.” Then the man went into the kitchen, cut a piece of birthday cake, took it into the living room and ate it.

After continued questioning by the homeowner, the man left the house and drove off in a red 1988 Cadillac.

Hooray for such oddness and fun to be discovered in the world.

Orange Ball of Hate

Much tiredness going on for the last few days that’s affected my regular blog updating skills, but increased my catatonic movie watching skills. But stuff has been happening…

Professional help of awesome was given to the editing of Pictures of You over the weekend. My role in its post production is to go round to Ben’s house, watch him edit for a minute or two, start playing his xBox for an hour or two, look back to see he’s still editing and then play some more. By Friday the cutting was looking alright, but, after an actual professional editor had herself come and had some fun on it, I returned on Sunday to find a rather different looking film, many time better. Heidi (editor extraordinaire) has proposed to keep helping out on the cut of the film and I think Ben secretly breathed himself on huge sigh of relief. Just as long as evidence of some pretty bad camera work is still kept left out. She’s pretty damn awesome editor too if I haven’t mentioned it yet.

Capturing of footage on Spit-Takes is next to done. Still one scene left to film and tomorrow will be the recording of the voice-over track and a rough cut should be done by Saturday, just in time for mega drinking… hopefully.

Jon’s operation has been totally successful and there have been only minor complications at worst. Awesomeness as he’ll just be recovering now and we’re all breathing sighs of relief and joy.

To add to the joy, Dylan Moran is back for another performance and this time, this year, I shall have money to go. Plus in June, Mike Patton and Peeping Tom are playing at the St James and I’m even more in for that. Amusing as it’s only being out of Auckland, do I go to more shows there. Just got an announcement for the Mountain Goats to come up and my jar of happy-joy will burst with happy-joy delight.

And the upcoming coolness that will be Stardust finally has a trailer out and it looks awesome. You can check out the youtube clip…

…or download a proper quality of it here.

For ultimate viewing, one should watch both at the same time while wearing 3-D glasses and getting a massage from midget monkeys… hot.