Shameless Plugging Post

I barely know what this is about exactly. Some university thing where they’re trying to find out “what makes a student happy”. And while my simple answer of three kegs of beer, carried on a giant pig’s back, ridden by a leprechaun, is aparently not a right answer, friend Maria is one of the contestants to see if she knows. Check out more details and all sorts of stuff to do with watching and voting on stuff here.

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Meanwhile, into its second week is the Te Aroha production of Chicago. I never saw the movie or anything else to do with Richard Gere, but hey, I’ll going to this (I hear there’s booze). Last shows are on for the 25th-27th this week and tickets are $20 per person, with other package options available. More details here.

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And Down By the Riverside gets its New Zealand premiere next week. Reposting…

Downending Films and Film Waikato are proud to announce the world premiere of the feature film Down by the Riverside on November 2nd at Hamilton’s Rialto Theatre, New Zealand.

The film, which was recently nominated in New York’s prestigious B-Movie awards for best foreign film, is described as a murder mystery, art house noir period piece, and is set in the Waikato town of Te Aroha. The film follows two historians as they investigate an unsolved murder, and they soon become part of the horrific story.

The premiere will be attended by Co-Directors Brad Davison and Marama Killen, who will answer questions from the floor after the screening, as well as lead actress Rebecca Trelease who was also nominated at the B-Movie awards for her performance in this film.

Seats can be booked at Rialto cinemas in Hamilton central for $12 from Saturday. More information on the film is available on Downending Film’s website (

This is a one time only screening for New Zealand before the DVD release on November 14th. Tickets are limited and some of the content of this film may offend – viewer discretion is advised.

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Oh and because it’s awesome. A Steampunk’s Guide to the Apocalypse. I’ve downloaded but not read any of it yet. But the title is just too awesome to ignore. Downloadable options here.

Its 10 Below and Falling…

Another long weekend of filming stuff and beating up pro wrestlers. But this Wintec short is coming up on its last weekends, mostly pick ups to be done next week and… actually, yeah, that’ll be it apart from the onlining I’ve agreed to be in on.

After its over, I’m pretty keen to try and sit back, ignore things for a while and perhaps, eventually, as many nice and concerned friends have been brining up recently, to relax with the whole other peoples stuff and try focusing on my own things again. And I agree, but I don’t think my frame of mind is there. Not yet.

But this was a good weekend for a change. Had an interesting and good drinking night Friday, sweet relaxed shooting day on Saturday and fairly full on, but still easy Sunday. Caught up with some old friends, though briefly, still worthwhile, a copy of Sopranos season two I’ve been waiting on for ages now finally came in and already I’m into my semi-marathon watching of its awesomeness again. Oh and to top it off, just discovered that this site is now the first result when my name is googled… stoked!

Meant to post this earlier, but kept slipping my mind. Continual congrats to the good folk of Downending films as they’ve secured themselves a DVD deal for Down by the Riverside, been creating extra features, playing with cover designs (image linked below, I hope they don’t mind) and have been keeping all up to date with their shiny new blog.

Snakes in the Grass Beneath Our Feet, Rain in the Clouds Above

Got some filming of Spit-Takes done yesterday evening and photography is now about 45% complete. Tried to do a few more shots today or at least some for The Montage, but no one was available at any point for some strange reason. Stupid guerrilla film making.

But with some luck, the majority of filming will be done by the end of this week with just the montage to finish off. Editing shall be started soon, with hopefully not much disorganised footage to plough through. I’m quite happy with how its turning out so far and if done in time, it’ll be most worthy of submitting into film festivals around the place.

Here’s just how classy we are…

On another note, big congrats to Joe and Marama on their recent betrothal. I’ve had a long day of not doing much and things not all going to plan, but coming home to read this news of theirs made me warm and fuzzy inside.

And I was gonna write up some other stuff, but I just got a phone call from Director Ben and a rather big problem in the Pictures of You editing has just occurred and I must be off.

Revelations and Morphine

I’ve just come to the realisation that since starting ‘work’ up again, I’ve become a tad complacent. I’ve not shot anything more of spit-takes and haven’t aspired to doing any else much either. A tad worrying, but at least this issue has been noted early.

Tomorrow is also pay day for me and its going to be the most awesome feeling in the whole world. After over a year of poverty, I’m now gonna have an income and be able to buy stuff. Of course, I’m saving it all (70% of all) for whatever the hell I do next in the not too distant future.

Also today, I’ve been having the incredible hankering to go on a road trip, or to just get the hell out of the city and chase the country-side for a while. I’ve been driving around a bit at night and find myself just stopping on the outskirts of town to hang out under the stars which is totally awesome and it’s not a normal feeling for me, but I’m feeling a tad nomadic at the moment and feel like travelling a bit. Ah well.

In other, more interesting news, big congrats to Marama and Joe and Brad and all at Down by the Riverside as their IMDb page has recently gone up (I think today), which coincides with the whole site itself getting a new look (like as of a couple of hours ago)… Shiny. I remember when I first discovered IMDb in 1999 (whoa) and how its awesomeness blew me away as it still does so today. I think the film I was first looking up stuff on what Big Trouble in Little China which is also still awesome today.

New, third Simpsons film trailer is out and formats viewable here, or hi res quicktime downloadable straight from here.

Also been finding myself listening to lots and lots of podcasts of Penn Radio, which is a great listen to and I’d recommend checking out one or two if you’ve got the spare time.

Also just realised I missed out on cheap Tuesday at the movies today. Though I’ve been watching a lot of a films from the store (a lot), there are still so many I want to see at the cinemas now. Thank Jebus I’m working though, it may make going on any other day a tad more bearable.

Finally, some Morphine music video awesomeness…