Oh man…

Days off…

When I moved back down to Hamilton, I simply pilled as much junk into a whole bunch of boxes and drove like crazy back down. Weeks down the track, and those boxes took up half the very little floorspace that I was sleeping in.

Room is now clean, gardens have been done, lawns mowed, cars washed, my car tidied… I’m either compensating for the lack of filming getting done or just avoiding some proper work that I haven’t done yet.

But filming is nearly over and I crave money. Talked to the old boss at the video store and it looks like I’ll be picking up a few shifts there, at least to get me a little income again.

Been going back over Slice of Life stuff again, and proposals are being drafted up for TVNZ so fingers crossed it’ll at least be a nice proposal.

Oh and if you’re not doing anything on any nights from tomorrow til Saturday night, go watch this year’s run of the Couch Soup play. Gets more funny and amusing every year and I highly recommend any and all to go watch. It’s at the meteor theatre um… I think… and… um… I’ll get back to you on that actually.

And a repost of DJ Shadow’s Six Days music video by Wong Kar Wai, only because I’ve had this damn song and video stuck in my head for the last few days and no matter what, I can’t seem to get it out… hot.