Simon C PageOptical Ripple by Simon C Page

And awesome! New Walking Dead DLC has been released!



Minority Opinion
by Gino Ruggeri

Overdue Bookmarks

Lastly, a super-cut of famous people playing themselves

Le Cercle Fermé

The notion of space is central to understand ‘Le Cercle Fermé’ by Martine Feipel and Jean Beachameil. It’s about the obvious necessity of finding a new type of space while going beyond the physiological limits of our perception and the limit of space as a result of our traditions.


Awesome Architecture: the Double Helix House

Designed by o+h onishimaki+hyakudayuki architects this curvy house is hidden where two narrow alleyways meet in the historic neighbourhook of Yanka. Spaces within are connected through a spiraling ramp that leads to a series of exterior spaces and eventually a rooftop terrace. Friggin’ like.