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What a week and weekend. Most of all the Armageddon Expo decimated my bank account and I’ve got a lot of things bookmarked that I’ve neglected to post…

Dave McKean is making an animated adaptation of his own comic Cages. This is gonna be sweet and it’s one of my all time favourite comics for multiple reasons. [full article]

Some Hot Fuzz slash fiction from the actual creators of Hot Fuzz. [website]

Mild America is a Wellington band that Michelle Savill, director of Betty Banned Sweets is a part of. There’s some tracks available at their website here and definitely worth listening to.

Some of the images are pretty rough but make for essential viewing into the fallout of the international drug trade following a UN report after 100 years of drug control. Recommended checking out here.

Youtube Madness

Won auction for DVD rack for $2. Stoked.

Will be going to Auckland for the night to meet people, see people and hopefully watch 300 at a midnight screening or some other time asap.

There just seems to be an abundance of youtube videos being watched today, so I figured I’d post all about those for tonight. So without further ado…

Here is quite possibly, one of the coolest, sexiest short films ever called Tyger which just looks amazing…

A really twisted animated short called Rabbit that made me both smile, feel disturbed and still not so hungry for jam.

A really strange video of… I dunno what, but it’s a liquid metal fountaing thingee of some sort and it looks freaking cool and I want one.

A rather short short film by Dave McKean about… I dunno what, but the surreal images are very pretty.

And finally… um… Alanis Morissette covering “My Humps”…. yeah…