Pictures of You – Day 27 blog

After nearly a one week break, we shot two more scenes today, including one scene we had shot earlier in the schedule, but had to abandon halfway through due to changing lighting conditions. After several attempts to reschedule that scene in somewhere for the rest of the shoot, several times actually… it’s finally been shot.

Also another scene at magic hour done and tomorrow will be our second to last day! It would have been our last, but there was a fall through on one location, which leaves it to be shot next weekend once its available again.

Meanwhile, I finally got to catch Couch Soup last night as part of a rather packed audience. Which I will remind anyone in the area, their final Hamilton performance tomorrow night, 8pm Meteor Theatre. Go. Funny. Greatness.

And also started shooting on Spit Takes: A Mouthful of Comedy last night and shot the most complicated scene first (involving 13 people in one take). The rest should be a cakewalk and hopefully all photography will be done by the end of the month and it’ll be cut together relatively easy by the end of March.

Tomorrow will be a long day/evening, but should be a good one oh… I forgot to mention earlier, but a congrats to Nigel and Shirow on their engagement and I look forward to drinking in celebration with them tomorrow night… after drinking from wrapping… flipper yay.

Now I’m gonna get a drink of water, arm wrestle a panda and go to sleep. Cause I can and pandas got nothing on me.

And no play tonight…

Got to the place a few minutes late and the doors were locked and no lights were on in the lobby. Figuring I got the wrong location, I drove like mad to the New Place Theatre at the uni, figuring maybe its there instead. As luck would have it, there was absolutely no one around and so it was a mad rush to a poster I remember seeing outside of Chi Chi Delux. By this time I knew I was probably too late to make it to even half the show, but at least I could have figured out where it was exactly for tomorrow night… I was right. It is at the meteor and it definitely is at 8pm… not something like 8.05pm.

So… all in all. Got lost, got confused, got locked out, got annoyed and got drunk instead… awesome.

Couch Soup

Going to see Couch Soup tonight. Got more details, it’s on at 8pm every night til Saturday. Tickets are $12/14 each and you’ll laugh. Or else.

Also discovered this youtube series called Chad Vader. Most amusing stuff. First episode of several…

Plus, as a big fan of Back of the Y, I encourage you to download and watch the trailer for The Devil Dared Me To and laugh and look very much forward to seeing it. Awesomely obtainable here.

Oh man…

Days off…

When I moved back down to Hamilton, I simply pilled as much junk into a whole bunch of boxes and drove like crazy back down. Weeks down the track, and those boxes took up half the very little floorspace that I was sleeping in.

Room is now clean, gardens have been done, lawns mowed, cars washed, my car tidied… I’m either compensating for the lack of filming getting done or just avoiding some proper work that I haven’t done yet.

But filming is nearly over and I crave money. Talked to the old boss at the video store and it looks like I’ll be picking up a few shifts there, at least to get me a little income again.

Been going back over Slice of Life stuff again, and proposals are being drafted up for TVNZ so fingers crossed it’ll at least be a nice proposal.

Oh and if you’re not doing anything on any nights from tomorrow til Saturday night, go watch this year’s run of the Couch Soup play. Gets more funny and amusing every year and I highly recommend any and all to go watch. It’s at the meteor theatre um… I think… and… um… I’ll get back to you on that actually.

And a repost of DJ Shadow’s Six Days music video by Wong Kar Wai, only because I’ve had this damn song and video stuck in my head for the last few days and no matter what, I can’t seem to get it out… hot.