Thanks Batman

Am home early today thanks to the flu looking to do something vile to my body. But just as the night is darkest before the dawn, a new fucking Dark Knight Rises trailer has made my fevered evening more endurable. Unlike the latest Prometheus trailer (that’s rumoured to be filled to the brim with devil-worshiping spoilers), this one at first, seem like it’s gonna head into that territory but then, Christopher Nolan’s shining fucking name blazes across the screen and it almost mutates into this insanely pants tightening sense of ‘okay… fuck yes. This is gonna be awesome.’

That or the flu meds are finally starting to work.

Inception Teaser

Just a teaser and not much too it, but damn I’m excited. Announced this year, began filming only a month ago, teasers already out and it’ll be released less than a year away. Christopher Nolan is efficient if not brilliant. (He’s totally brilliant).

Nolan/Bale awesomeness

Trailer for The Prestige is finally out and holy crap, this looks to be a helluva lot of cool coming our way. Trailer to be downloaded here.