Blech Dahlia…

Just watched a copy of De Palma’s The Black Dahlia which I will most definitely say, sucked balls. Sucked the big unshaven scrotum of Satan’s balls it did. Oh my god, I feel absolutely betrayed. As a big huge fan of James Ellroy’s book and liking the idea of De Palma doing the adaptation (yet not getting my hopes high), it was still dashed like you wouldn’t believe.

The opening scenes were great and it looked like it was doing really well as a film version, but somehow, not even halfway through the film, it went in a completely different direction and even as a film alone and cries of how it was adapted aside, the whole plot ended up completely muddled and totally weak. And at many times the acting was just over the top, especially this one character which, I won’t say who, but oh my god… what the fuck?

Beautiful lighting and totally under utilised art direction was all compromised by De Palma still trying to keep doing his ‘signature’ camera movements which just didn’t fit with the piece and just ruined so much that could have at least possibly come out decent.

I’ve got to re-read my copy of Black Dahlia again sometime soon, just to wash away how craptacular that film was. Seriously craptacular and the awesomeness that is the book is the much needed toilet paper. But a totally awesome toilet paper that is.

Oh man, I’m so cheesed off by that film. But thankfully, I’ve also caught up and read on some of the news bits on Preacher being adapted as an HBO TV series which if true and hopefully (and a big hopeful as its the guy who did the crappy Daredevil and the just as crappy looking Ghost Rider) it’ll be done right and be just as awesome as the series, which they plan on doing as an issue is an episode, which I think is both cool and a little too retarded to stretch out that much. But who knows… Well Gandhi might.