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Dialup handshake example

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 A view taken from the side of one of the many lagoons at the New York World's Fair on July 7, 1939. Light brings out some of the wondrous beauty as erected at the "World of Tomorrow". The famous statue of George Washington is silhouetted against the lighted Perisphere. (AP Photo)The 1939 New York World’s Fair


Supercut: 50 “four in the morning”sMuseum of Four in the Morning







Breaking Bad, The Wire-style

Five seasons of Breaking Bad masterfully compiled into the style of The Wire‘s five credit sequences.

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London Underground guerrilla signs

Today’s bookmarks…

Plus, over 600 Criterions in 2.5 minutes…

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But this video of a dog attempting to steal some cabbage is just plain fucking adorable.

Today’s bookmarks…

With two prior DUIs, David Wheaton led cops along highways around western and northern Houston, at one point reaching 92 mph, the official limit for the micro-vehicle. Eventually Wheaton drove all the way to his driveway, where police arrested him without fuss.

Also, Google Maps is teaming up with NASA to add street view of the Kennedy Space Center. Awesome.