Some Post-Birthday Boosh

Had a pretty damn good birthday shindig and many thanks to all who came along to celebrate. This week will see me enjoying the rockin’ sounds of Ryan Adams and drinking a farewell to a friend who’s jumping across the ditch to Australia just cause he can. The crazy bastard.

My friend Fin has resumed blogging again to which the world gives praise to Robot Jesus for. Commence reading his sultry words here at There’s a birthday post somewhere he made for me that includes a video of me some years back. I’m not gonna directly link to it, cause I’m passively embarrassed like that, but feel free to look for it yourself.

My other friend Joe also sent me this, it’s actually intended for Christmas, but his powers of procrastination can rival mine at times, so I’m gonna post it like its a birthday thing.

Actually, I also got sent this by Shoshana, originally taken during my birthday party. Don’t ask. I’m not even sure what I could give as an answer.

And finally, here’s a three cello rendition of The Final Countdown. Boosh!

A Post Without More Than One Paragraph…

Still haven’t moved into new house yet. Everytime I go there, I’ve got more stuff and I throw that stuff into the room and sometimes organise it into tidy stuff, but I’ve still yet to sleep there. Flatmate figures that once I move my computer of awesome in there it’ll be a sign I’ve finally settled in. He’s probably right too. Problem is, I’m still waiting on a decently sized and reasonably priced desk to fall into my lap or into my room more preferably, but that will all come together soon. Very soon. Tomorrow a couple of trademe auctions shall finish and if the gods smile favourably, I shall emerge victorious of the bidders and with a sexy desk. The room is starting to take shape though, bed is in there and so is a shelf, but there are still many boxes of stuff around the place and lots of open floorspace going on still… as it’s so freaking huge, it’s awesome. Not to forget that there is a flatwarming this weekend for any and all that can make it. Saturday. Contact me for details. Did I mention earlier that I’ve broken my cellphone? Beat it up pretty bad and now it’s got a broken screen and walked out on me with some of my address book and the children. Since then, I’ve been getting txt messages from various ‘unknowns’ where I can either deduce through socratic logic of who it is, or sheepishly send a txt back saying sorry, I’ve come to depend on technology too much. But yeah, I have lost some numbers and that is why some are not hearing much from me. Which also reminds me… Marama, I don’t have yours or Joe’s number, so I didn’t get to send you a birthday greeting, but you’re hearing it here on the blog, Happy birthday! As a cheap present of some sort, here is the trailer to 30 Days of Night. Yeah That’s right, I’ve put together a trailer of the film you worked on as a birthday present for you. How magic am I? Seriously, it looks pretty cool though and I’m seeing quite a bit of the comic coming through. Yay!

Pictures of You – Day 29

And so today was our last official day of shoot… A nice easy hospital clinic room scene with short dialogue between two characters, with absolutely no hiccups. Much beer was celebrated afterwards and now I write this from work as it is, as always, a boring night.

It’s like coming out of another world, making a film at every waking hour, going mental and crazy and creative and all and now its over and we’re all going back to menial jobs and getting the bills paid. Along with a few pick-up shots and cutaways, there is still much post production work to be done, months of editing lie ahead along with re-creating the soundscape, ADR and scoring of the music… and with a little luck, it won’t be long till we’re back in the saddle, ready and making the next film.

But right now all I can think about really is how awesome my bed is going to be once I finish this shift in five hours. Woke up Friday morning with a massive hangover, nothing paralytic, just nasty. Spent the day watching films and contemplating sleep before going off to work an hour early (as if I remember what time shifts are supposed to start) and killed time in a bar celebrating Brooke’s birthday with mates and shooting tequila (which was intended to help work off the hangover, but just made things a tad worse). At work, I was being ‘re-trained’, so there was another fellow on to retrain me, but we just took advantage of the extra manpower and took turns at napping (Jay got two hours, I slipped in just over three). After work, there was enough time for a couple hours more of sleep, shooting at one till four and then drinking, poker at a friends place and then now I’m at work still writing this. Pretty tired and don’t think I’m making too much of a point blogging all of these details. Though I must add, appologies to both Marama and Joe and Daisy and co for being unable to attend both of your respective housewarmings.

Um… thats about all I’ve got left. Oh but how cute and cool and annoying would this alarm clock be? It like wheels itself away and rolls around your room going off if you don’t wake up properly and turn it off the first time. Neat-o.

Dead Chris Day 3

Only the third day? That can’t be right.

Anyway, today was much sleeping and forgetting it was my birthday. And then I remembered it was my birthday and more sleeping ensued.

Tomorrow is a big long day of filming from eight at the museum to just past midnight at the University again… so more sleep is needed.

Discovered this which made me smile…

And now off to sleep.