Catchup, Catchup, Ketchup…

So yeah, once again absent, but this time I’ve at least got around to putting a few updates to the rest of the site. Some art stuff is finally up and added a couple of photos to the ever changing header. Sub-sections for films will eventually go up along with downloadable videos. It’s all in a bid to make myself a little more pro-active and less depressed about the things I’m being slack at.

Elsewhere, our end of year films are starting to get made and they’re shaping up quite nicely I hear. Mines still chugging along slowly, but thats only because I’ve been too busy curing world hunger… and not because I’m lazy.

Yesterday I got to finally go to the Armageddon convention and sheer geekiness poured out of every window that was allowed open. Got some great bargains on cheep DVDs and comics, whilst touching myself a lot watching Blade Runner on the big screen. Totally awesome, but totally poor too. Still, I’m looking forward to it next year.

Oh and this should have been posted a lot earlier, but the trailer for 300 is officially out and dear god… it is also something to touch yourself over. Downloadable here.

Two teaser trailers for the sexy Hot Fuzz here and here.

And two hair pulling movie title trivia games here (with office stationary) and here (on a cryptic painting).