Pictures of You – Day 24

Bad day today.

Shot off one exterior scene which was no problem and then moved onto shooting another scene on a bus, which was done really quickly and within five minutes. Awesome, until we broke for lunch and realised near the end of it, that we’d left a camera bag full of leads, tapes and discs… thankfully no camera, but the rest of the day was spent stressing, chasing buses and making phone calls all over town. So far the bag is still at large and if you see a blue camera bag full of stuff, please report it as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, I personally had a downer of a day. Spent most of the morning to try and muster up the balls to contact someone and when I did, got no reply, which made me really wonder how things had gotten so bad between us when I’m still not even sure if it is. How is it possible for one to simply cut off someone seemingly right out of their lives? And how does that justify what was previously good? Well it put me in a weird place this evening after everything and I ended up randomly drinking and eating with a guy and his parents I ran into in town. Of course, the liquor didn’t help my mood, but at least the strangeness of the situation put me off from some proper thinking.

Anyway, here’s a trailer for an upcoming kick arse movie I know many will appreciate.

And here’s Bill Gates on the fantastic Daily Show.

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