Simon C PageOptical Ripple by Simon C Page

And awesome! New Walking Dead DLC has been released!

Short film: Wildebeest

Hooray! More stuff from Bird Box studios and this funny animated short of two wildebeests contemplating crossing a river is really great stuff.

Video: 11 Months, 3000 pictures and a lot of coffee

While disassembling an engine for repair, youtuber nothingheroek had the brilliant idea to use the reference photos taken and use them to create this stop-frame animation.

Short Film: I, Pet Goat II

Boasting some really impressive animation and design, this short film strings together a host of sociocultural metaphors; though a bit heavy in some ‘symbolism’ and confounded in ideologies, it’s still very impressive stuff.

Douglas Adams on the invention of the book

Back in 1993, Douglas Adams recorded this soundbite for his then-publisher, retracing the origins of books and an almost prophetic description of their evolution to e-books.

Below is a submitted animation for a competition run by the Literary Platform to design a motion graphic to accompany this soundbite. Check it.

3 Things: Animations

Going for some slightly abstract ones, each of varying medium. First is an animation of the track “Where Did the Night Go?” by Gil Scott-Heron (who I should make a note of checking out more of later).

Second, one in a series of semi-psychedelic watercolour animations by Matt Box based on influential skaters.

And lastly, this fluidly surreal short by Masanobu Hiraoka that evokes several impressions of Masaaki Yuasa films, but wholey unique as well.

3 Things: Animated Shorts

In keeping with the ‘oh hey, I can keep within a theme’ theme of these posts, here’s three animated shorts of varying styles and storytelling methods (but chosen mostly because they’re animated).

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore

Blue Whale by sivan kidron

The Chase by Philippe Gamer

Good Books “Metamorphosis”

This. This is just fucking awesome.

Comissioned by Good Books, this is one helluva slick piece of animation and music. There’s a voice over version here, but the almost caricature Depp is kind of distracting and as you’ll see in this version below, just the music and visuals are more than enough.

Fuck yeah.

UPDATE: The sound and music only version appears to have been replaced by the original voice over one. Have included a youtube version in the meantime.