Trailer: SAMSARA

Almost 20 years after Baraka, Director/Cinematographer Ron Fricke is returning to cinema with Samsara and the film looks nothing short of fucking amazing.

Filmed over 5 years, 25 countries and 100 locations, Fricke’s follow up will also be devoid of dialogue, text and narrative and instead, tackle the theme of “humanity’s relationship to the eternal” purely through music and images.

Goddamn beautiful images at that.

The movie was shot entirely on 70mm film, but is set to be released via digital 4K projection, with no plans for a 70mm print; which is a damn shame and hopefully not another nail in that looming coffin for 35mm and film (stock). Mind you, I’ll be just as happy to get an actual theatrical of this awesome looking film considering a supposed ‘lack of market’ in NZ.

Anyhow, check it out (and in HD if that wasn’t obvious enough).