Pictures of You – Day 25 blog

Long day and post today.

Got up early to go to uni (which is still appropriately strange) and sat in on ITS to do an interview for the summer school students and for Big TV, which was fun to sit in on and watch students running around.

But then it was a break till 2pm and then onto shooting an interior, Boys High around 5 and then an exterior party scene at night.

I love shooting interior scenes, you can have so much control over the look and the lighting, its awesome. Even with just three lights, you can make some shots just look uber pretty. Same thing goes for night shoots, you can really play around with the lighting on them and make use of the darkness around the edges and such.

In fact, I’d say that today was my happiest day of shooting in terms of getting great looking shots. Seriously, at least 80% of the setups we used had at least some certain element in it that made me whimper with delight… especially the night/party scenes… there was this one setup… dear god, I’ll be posting a screen cap of it real soon.

We were also lucky as hell at the end of the night. Got the very last shot done and just a few minutes later… boom, lights go out, whole grid has a blackout. Had to pack up by flashlight at 1 in the morning, but we got the shots and thank god we weren’t that overtime.

Oh and I finally color bar’d to exactly –:30:00 tonight… finally after 27 tapes, it was the 28th one I’d finally done it… bloody hell.

* * *

Meanwhile… the hit counter is currently at 1002. If no one claims being 1000, closest winner will be going to Joe, although the prize still remains unknown as of yet. Although, this would be pretty neat-o.



To clarify, I forgot a payment for the webspace and the hosting server was getting an upgrade. Lo and behold, bad luck and all that, website was down for a bit longer than it should have. But I’m back now AND with a new password that wasn’t not sent to me, taunting me that website was on, but updatable.

While down, I’ve still been creating posts to blogger, but they just haven’t been going anywhere. So your not missing anything.

Plus it turn out that there seems to be quite the amount of readers of this blog now, which is cool, and from the webstats, this site is going to hit 1000 visitors really soon… awesomeness.