Pictures of You

Feature Film (2007)

Made at the beginning of the short-lived digital indie film-making era, when camera gear was just starting to get cheap enough to make low-budget films with, but before even the concept of 1080p was a thing (hence the low picture quality, sorry).

This is a trailer I cut together while we were halfway through production.

One thing of note, or at least to me, is that this was all sourced from the raw footage, before any grading had taken place. The colours here were achieved in-camera through the use of stage lighting gels and a blatant disregard for the camera’s chroma functions.

Director: Ben Woollen
Writer: Scott Granville
Producers: Scott Granville, Charin Singh, Ben Woollen
DOP: Chris Tan
Editor: Ben Woollen
Starring: Brendan Kavanagh, Jonn Wilson, Brydie-Anne McWhirter