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I’m still not here…

…but I liked this write up way too much not to post it. Reading it reminded me of my days as a film tutor and that great saying “we are drowning in information and starving for knowledge” (except these days, most aren’t even peckish).

The article is a fantastic overview of how today’s society ‘views’ media, despite the still growing access and availability with technology to old films and information on them, people still don’t know who Bogart is. Seriously.

Anyway, this guy is way more articulate and on point than I at all, so check it out at and I’ll get back to being a digital hermit.

Goddamn June

To understate, it’s been a busy month. To put into video form, this…

…brightened up my day.

Interview: GMUNK (TRON: Legacy)

Getting more in touch with designers and art direction, here’s an interview with gMunk who worked on the opening and UI sequences in the eye candy that is Tron: Legacy. A real testament of the dedication these guys put in, over a years work for several minutes of effects that most of the time is glossed straight over by an audience.

I forget who originally said it, I think it was from an interview where they were quoted on looking at the roof of the Sistine chapel as an example of passion. The level of details, both in the architecture and painting is so intricately detailed and yet so high up that the general public would never see it, is a prime example of true passion for the craft.

Anyway, blah blah blah… interview here and there are also some other quite interesting content to be found throughout if you’ve got the time.

The Greatest Thing Ever has arrived…

“Go the Fuck to Sleep” narrated by Samuel L. Jackson

The Big Picture: Volcano erupts in Chile

The latest Big Picture post is up and featuring both the Earth’s most awe inspiring geological activity and one of my favoured choice of a top shelf country.