Short Film – R´ha

Made almost entirely by Kaleb Lechowski, this impressive 6 minute short depicts a sci-fi world in conflict, as told through the interrogation of an alien combatant by its machine captor(s).

Short and smartly told, this is of course is made all the more impressive given the fact that Lechowski wrote, directed and animated this entirely by himself over a seven month period. It’s very well told and I especially liked the lighting and texture effects on display here. I have little idea how much easier it is to render that kind of detail these days, but it is mighty good work.

Some would (and have) nit-pick the fluidity of character movements and other aspects, but those people are assholes who can’t also say that they’ve made an entire animated film by themselves too (unless they’re Don Hertzfeldt or Makoto Shinkai, but I doubt that).