LEGO Colosseum of the World

A giant Lego project by McNaught consisting of 200,000 lego bricks and displayed at the Nicholson Museum in Melbourne, Austraulia in January 2013.


music video | PSY – “Gangnam Style”

Realised I’d forgotten to post this earlier in the week. Don’t matter, still great.

Best news of the day…

Monday: In the town of Bitche, France where one of the country’s largest renaissance fairs are held, a group of brigands in full clad armor held up the main tent with a sword and axe and made off with about $25,000 in fair revenue.

While a theft/robbery is always an unfortunate and terrible thing to happen, this is just too bizzare to not chuckle at the thought of.

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There is a city…

Every August 1, the people of Warsaw freeze in unison for 60 seconds, to honour those who fought during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. The rebellion against Nazi occupation cost more than 200,000 lives and destroyed the capital.