Prometheus stuff…

Alternate Prometheus poster by Midnight Maurader

So, this weeks internet appears to have been brought to you by the letter ‘Prometheus’ as pretty much every site or blog I go to has some opinion, or reference to an opinion about it.

I’m definitely a fence sitter in that I love pretty much every single technical/design aspect of the film, while finding the story and thematic concepts wholly underwhelming in contrast. I also just realised that on reflection, I could also be disappointed with the ‘science’/realism of the film (like the fact the entire plot revolves around journeying to a star formation that in all probability, has shifted position/alignment since being first painted 35,000 years ago); but now I’m slowly realising that my new understandings of physics has ruined the potential to ever fully enjoy another action (or sci-fi) film.

Anyhow, the online reactions and discussions have been quite illuminating; from literary analysis and theological allusions to simple hilarious hate, but my current favourite is probably this video where a group of friends decided to watch the entire Alien/Predator chronology of films and record their ratings before heading off the Prometheus itself. Good fun.

Must also add this short making-of featurette on the fantastic soundscape of Prometheus.