Posts have been sporadic lately, due in part to an increasingly busy workload and over-accumulation of side projects; but it’s also made me aware of the fact that from time to time, I should really start using this ‘blog’ as an actual ‘blog’ again, rather than posting all the crazy/fun stuff I’m collecting around the internet in the name of ahem, ‘research’ (might as well make it a tumblr site if that were the case).

But even ignoring pre-Cretaceous incarnations of this blog, I’ve been posting on and off for over six years and have no intentions to stop just yet. Hell, there’s even a new design/code for this site in the pipeline (finally!) that’ll roll out soon once I find some more time to work out the kinks in it.

So, consider this the first of…  let’s say, the occasional (and ideally brief), ‘editorial’ and/or personal update of both an entertaining and tasteful manner.

Yes, that instead just made me think of highly distasteful self-nudes.

No, it’s much too early (and blindingly sober) in the morning for any of that yet.