Steve Holt!

What better way to spend a day off work, than hungover and catching up on the entire Game of Throne series from start to the lastest damnit-how-long-until-the-next-one episode?

Finally, I can now appreciate the massive appeal of this series and of the entire country’s massive data spike when season 2 premiered on Tuesday; it’s like a high production medieval  soap opera, but thank the fuck christ the characters have got some great dimension on them and the motivating themes are well fleshed out.

Anyhow, I don’t really have much to really say on the show, but figure I should maintain some kind of regularity to posting on here. It’s been a 12 hour blur of good storytelling today; one that’s at least made me want to bust out the old fantasy novels for the first time in a long time.

Oh, but of all the things, after six months of it in my bookmarks, I am finally be able to spoiler free-ly check out Arrested Westeros, the Arrested Development/Game of Thrones mashup tumblr.

Arrested Westeros