Articles! Articles galore!

As a typical late night of internet reading goes, have so many tabs open and thus, another over the place, article compilation post is born.

Ageing stem cells from centenarian rejuvenated
PARIS: Age-degraded cells from elderly patients upwards of 100 years old have been successfully transformed into rejuvenated stem cells “indistinguishable” from those found in their embryonic state. [full article]

Kids are watching too much TV; if they’re under two, any TV is too much
That message isn’t reaching parents, however; 66 percent of children under two have watched TV, even though their brains can’t actually process the information meaningfully. [full article]

How Celebrities Took Over Cartoon Voice Acting
… when it comes to movies, recent years have seen big-screen Hollywood voice acting dominated by A-List actors like Bruce Willis, Angelina Jolie, and Robert DeNiro. The latest celebrity-dominated animated film comes now in the Shrek-inspired Puss in Boots, which represents the unholy trinity of Hollywood’s recent favorite trends: 3D, prequels, and spinoffs. [full article]

Lung regeneration closer to reality with new discovery
the research team reports that they have uncovered the biochemical signals in mice that trigger generation of new lung alveoli, the numerous, tiny, grape-like sacs within the lung where oxygen exchange takes place. Specifically, the regenerative signals originate from the specialized endothelial cells that line the interior of blood vessels in the lung. [full article]

She’s Her Own Twin
Lydia Fairchild was a proud mother who faced the most unusual of challenges. She had to fight in court to prove the children born from her body were her own.
The Department of Social Services called Fairchild and told her to come in immediately. What Fairchild thought was a routine meeting with a social worker turned into an interrogation. The proud mother was suddenly a criminal suspect. [full article]

Finally, after the internet got so saturated with ‘platitudes’ from every tom, dick and dickhead to the point it was impossible to distinguish the genuine ones from the fakes… a properly heartfelt tribute to Steve Jobs from his once long lost sister…