Craziest fucking thing…

Seen this around for a bit and until now haven’t bothered to watch; but when my phone decided to die this morning and taking with it, the use of questionable apps, I figured sure, why not? Let’s have a look…

…and now I conclude this is the greatest wtf video you’ll see all week. It may be the most bizzare all year, but my Memento-like memory ain’t quite sure of that claim yet.

Where your first impressions are along the lines of “oh great, another bloody talent show’s oh-be-moved-and/or-amazed” video… well, all that expectation is quickly turned on its head with precision painful efficiency.

One of the best part is probably the judges reactions; where at first you’re laughing at them, pretty soon, you’re just as horrified as they are and then the realisation sinks in: there’s still six minutes of this video to go! And yet, like the judges, I couldn’t help but watch it right to the end.

Bonus points also go to the near-surreal, ‘nam flashback-like montage at the end.


Tales of Mere Existence

This is a series of animations created by Levni Yilmaz, where the drawings aren’t so much amazing, but the execution and method of an almost stream of conscious narrative makes for some both funny and insightful videos.

Have picked out a few charmers, but check out his Youtube channel for a whole lot more.

The Insect Highway

Another amazing aspect of life on Earth. Recommended.

xkcd: Money

Similar to the dispelling of radiation hyperbole, xkcd makes good on breaking down money in the year 2011.

Holiday 3D projection

This is an impressive light show projection in New York called The Snowflake & Bubble Spectacular. Commissioned by Saks Fifth Avenue for their holiday season, this was developed by marketing firm Iris, whose works have also been seen at the 2008 Summer Olympics and 2010 World Cup and did a pretty good job of it here too.

Happy Birthday Terry Gilliam

I love you now give me the secrets to your powers.


Been a crazy week of work and finally, I’m having a quiet night in, unwinding on beer and restitude, which will consist of cleaning, television and you, dear internet.

Work included some design work for the mayoress’ ball, which was set up to include ten fuck off massive projected screens measuring overΒ  8 by 6 meters wide.Β  Photo supplied…

So that was cool.

Also, I attended the 12th annual 24 Hours Movie Marathon over the weekend, which sadly, only makes it my second time attending since last year, but since then, I most certainly intend to keep going to for as long as it can go.Β  Where else can you go park your ass in a cinema for a whole day starting from Lee Marvin to Jeffrey Combs with mandroids and the devil in between?Β  As a stain on the inside of a film lovers’ pants is where.Β  Worth it.

Best thing from it though, is its really helped in kicking the movie watching hangover since last year’s exhausting 365 movies in 365 days project, so I’m starting to feel much better adjusted to commence watching some more flicks again.Β  Yes.

Animation: PencilHead

Okay, I’m not exactly sure what the whole context is around the making of this animation, but this animation is just mental.Β  Created by what I assume is all hand drawn, this short somehow manages to reference quite the number of anime and pop culture films and does it quite impressively.