Adventure Time Pokemon!

Big ups to old pal Fin for bringing this to my gleeful attention: Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward does Pokemon in the style of Adventure Time.Β  te he.

(oh and if you’ve not seen the best engagement photos ever, do it now).

Key Three-Way Handshakes

In general, I try to stay away from politics.Β  Not just with this blog, but alsoΒ  thanks to that restraining order (turns out parliment is not actually full of bees and they don’t appreciate the enriching benefits of free honey).Β  Bad jokes aside, even with election just round the corner, and a burning desire to rant on it, this is too much fun to not post…

Mt Rainier’s Shadow

That there is an image take of the volcano Mt Rainier at sunset.

Standing at 4300 meters above Boulder, Colorado, it’s the only mountain in the area and on this particular day, cast this amazing shadow against the clouds. It’s a beautiful image and quite surreal, but I love it more for the fact that it gives the impression of a larger scale to the world on a very simple, yet natural level.

Image links to a hi-res version and further collections of images can be found at

Devour: An investigation of worn-out fryingpans.

Strange to note, but I’ve finally been cooking often at home since moving in some months ago, which probably contributes to my liking of this series. (Plus they also look like moons.Β  Yes.)

Christopher Jonassen