Hello weekend

It is familiarly said that beer … is an acquired taste; one gradually trains oneself — or just comes — to enjoy that flavor. What flavor? The flavor of the first sip? No one could like that flavor, an experienced beer drinker might retort: ‘Beer tastes different to the experienced beer drinker. If beer went on tasting to me the way the first sip tasted, I would never have gone on drinking beer! Or to put the same point the other way around, if my first sip of beer had tasted to me the way my most recent sip just tasted, I would never have had to acquire the taste in the first place! I would have loved the first sip as much as the one I just enjoyed.’ If we let this speech pass, we must admit that beer is not an acquired taste. No one comes to enjoy the way the first sip tasted. Instead, prolonged beer drinking leads people to experience a taste they enjoy, but precisely their enjoying the taste guarantees that it is not the taste they first experienced.

– Daniel Dennett, “Quining Qualia,” from Consciousness in Contemporary Science, 1988

Randomness and eye candy

A really cool concept video using album cover art.

Dunno who what BT Vision is exactly, but the quality of these renders are fantastic

It’s twisted and like a Lynch/Švankmajer crack baby, but I like it…


I’m gonna need to start coming up with better titles for all these posts. Anyhow, each links to a photographer’s gallery and clicking also dispenses candy from your optical disk dive.

Mikko Lagerstedt

Ludwig West

 Sam Jones

Must be tempting to open that window…

That is, an impressive 2,000 unpuffed dandelions hanging as part of an installation by German artist Regine Ramseier.  Each was picked in the wild and transported via car on a specially designed pallet system to preserve them before hanging.  A document (though in German) of the process can be found here.  And the artist’s web page here.