Sexy Space and it’s hot cousin Nature

Shot on a 5D mkii around Arizona, these HDR time-lapse images are straight up gorgeous.Β  While I love and loath the overuse these days of John Murphy’s Sunshine (Adagio in D Minor), it gets a full pass this round based on how appropriately used it is here.

I should also stress: be sure to check it out in full HD too.

Not quite the Great Pumpkin…

…But close enough.

These were sculpted by Ray Villafane and they’re nothing short of amazing.Β  The level of detail and expressions are so freakin good, he’s not human.Β  Posting up my three favourites, all linking to manyΒ  more.Β  Oh and if you’ve not seen his giant sand sculpture of Dante’s Inferno, sweet jebus be sure to check it out too.

Shadow Art Lamps

Okay, these lamps? I totally want them. At 189 EUR/US$260 each it’s a bit overkill, but hey, if anyone is feeling generous over Christmas or likes to make things, I’m totally down with the me charity.