Now this…

…is pretty sweet.  Doesn’t look like much on first glance, but it’s a picture of Obama and his team watching a video feed of the raid on Bin Laden.

And just as I’m about to hit post on this, there’s a great Times write up on it to be found here: After Uncertainty, a Moment of Triumph in the Situation Room: ‘We’ve IDed Geronimo’

The President sat stone-faced through much of the events. Several of his aides, however, were pacing. For long periods of time, nobody said a thing, as everyone waited for the next update. In the modern age, Presidents can experience their own military actions like a video game, except that they have no control over the events. They cannot, and would not, intervene to contact the commanders running the operation. So when word came that a helicopter had been grounded, a sign that the plan was already off course, the tension increased.