So…  blog.  Blogging.  Finally.  Again…

What the hell happened?  Why the year+ absence?  I’ll distill it down to one thing…  laziness.  Pure, uncut, 100% laziness.  After an unannounced one month break from blogging and the internet, I simply got lazy and then blogger switched off of custom html support and rather than doing the labourous task of moving/revamping it over, I got my priorities cris-crossed and decided to watch 365 new movies in 365 days.

Watched the shit out of those 365 films too and can hardly remember the most of them on an individual basis.  Instead, memories of 2010 have blurred into a singular haze of some weird Frankenstein monster like creation of movies, festivals, work, partying and I think there was some sleep in there at some point.  Averaging it out, I must have spent a total of 30 straight days watching movies.  Totally a smart thing to do.  I looooove the idea of watching a movie again.

Actually, it would have been much more rewarding had I had this blog up and running and blogging about it at the same time, but… well…  like I said, had my priorities a little messed up and when you’re sometimes watching 4-5 movies in a day just to catch up with your film count, you don’t have time for things like blogs, friends, food or bodily hygiene.

But anyway, blah blah blah, other things also happened, but who the hell really cares?

Fact is, this site and blog is now back up and I’ll be the first to say, I’m gonna be rusty at this to begin with so bare with me a bit.  Writing just the title of this post was enough of a task and really pointed out just how out of practice I am.  No idea what the tone or style of this blog will be from here onwards, but there will still be lots of links, videos and assorted random things discovered around the place and hopefully…  a lot less procrastination.

What he said