“We’re not in infinity; we’re in the suburbs. “

Scientists discover tsunami on the Sun
In what is a surprising discovery, scientists have found tsunami-style towering waves that race across the face of the Sun. [full article]

Rumours that first dark matter particle found
The physics blogs are abuzz with rumours that a particle of dark matter has finally been found. If it is true, it is huge news. Dark matter is thought to make up 90 per cent of the universe’s mass and what evidence there is for it remains highly controversial. That’s why any news of a sighting is seized upon. [full article]

Innovation: Making a map for everyone, by everyone
Crowdsourcing a map of the world is a supremely democratic project – now new smartphone and online apps will let anyone join in… [full article]

The Original Coming Anarchy: Violence in West Africa
“…(Guinea’s military ruler) Camara was shot in the head, either during the coup, or in the violence that followed, or just days ago (reports vary wildly). Whether or not this is affecting his mental condition is unknown, but the stories we read coming from Guinea suggest a James Bond-esque mad villain ? he sleeps all day and emerges only after dark, broadcasts rambling tirades on the radio that last for hours, and has his official guests wait to meet him in a gallery adorned with life-size portraits of himself…” [full article]