Public Enemies and Fractal Dimensions

Caught Public Enemies on Tuesday which, while fantastically acted by all (especially Depp) and boasting great art and production designs, fell short on being a great film due to a lack of an interesting plot, next to no character development and the digital photography which while very cool and created some interesting shots, looked like a home movie in many other scenes and really took you out of the experience.

I was hoping for more expansion on the period and the settings, especially how Dillinger’s actions helped in the formation of the FBI and the bureaucracy surrounding it and the crime scene, but instead focused more on Dillinger going to one place, getting into a firefight, and then moving on to the next until more gunfights until he’s eventually shot.

Michael Mann’s a great filmmaker, one of my favourites in a way and as much as I enjoyed this film, it just felt empty and severely lacking afterwards.

Afterwards, returning to my car, it wasn’t quick to figure out that I had left my car lights on and my cellphone at home. But luckily knew someone working who could give me a jumpstart. Gotta stop doing that.

Also keep meaning to check out District 9 this week as well. Can’t escape the buzz surrounding it (not that I’m expecting it to be bad) and aside from Sunshine (which I love to death), it’s been years since there’s been a really, really good sci-fi film since Minority Report. Probably check it out tomorrow.

In the meantime, there’s this brilliant special article at New Scientist about the many different theoretical dimensions, leading up to string theory (which gets to be too much for me sometimes) and is a good change from dark matter, which New Scientist has been pretty hung up on recently. Mind fuckery to be read here.