Talking to my shoe like it’s my friend…

It’s now Day Two of the No Internet At Home Crisis and tensions are soaring as a twitchy Chris Tan continues to stare at his empty web browser windows in an attempt to meld his mind to the internet and download lolcat images directly to his brain… Actually, it should be all up by the time I get home, but I thought I’d write a little something on just how horrible and sad it is for me to wake up with no connection sometimes.

In some good news, I finally got my Nokia N95 phone back today and thank sweet baby Jesus riding a Giraffe, my contact list and all my data is still intact. Forgot to back it up before taking it into the repair shop and have been paranoid ever since they’d do a hard wipe and send my life spiraling into more chaos than it currently is. Still, it was a fairly expensive repair, even after a discount for all the screwing around they did on me and something I totally should have done on my own for near half the price and within a few days. Ah well, maybe next time, not like anything was throw outta whack because of the loss… sarcasm.

Anyway, just thought I’d post about this one thing found on Warren Ellis’ blog… The best damn writer’s retreat I’ve ever bothered to read about and totally wish I could go to.

The Jura Malt Whisky Writer Retreat
Scottish Book Trust and Isle of Jura Single Malt Whisky are working together to offer writers the opportunity to spend a month living and writing on the idyllic island of Jura. Each selected writer receives a month’s exclusive use of the luxurious distillery lodge, a bursary and travel expenses. [link]