48 Hours

So we won the Hamilton 48 Hours again. Never thought it’d happen two years in a row and am still a little amazed and befuddled that it’s happened.

There were some bloody fantastic films at the finals and several I thought were top contenders for first place. When the runner up, Speed Date, was announced, I had figured that was the end of it and this other film Puddle Finishing School, had taken the top spot and rightly deserved it too. I never heard Paul the Organiser announcing us as the winner and thought it was really odd that my team was getting up on front stage.

Big ups to everyone involved and I’ve got my fingers crossed for some Hamilton teams, especially Puddle Finishing School to get picked as a wildcard and rock the nation.

Meanwhile, last year’s Auckland winners Fractured Radius posted a fantastic video on taking advantage of the Apee award statue. Totally worth a watch and it should remind me to pick up ours sometime along with last years one which I’ve still not gone to get.

Fractured Radius’ Guide To The Apee from Dylan Reeve on Vimeo.