Can I get a Whoop Whoop?

Just got a call from from the same good people who filmed us for the televised broadcast of last years 48 Hours finals. This year they’re doing things different and showing a whole bunch of films on a ongoing TV series that will lead up to the televised finals. I have no idea how the finals are being done this year, but either way, they want to put our short on TV with the others and will be doing the whole video introduction thing on TV again and I guess that’s pretty exciting. For me it at least says the organisers think pretty well of our short. Better than how I’ve been feeling the last week or so of “what the hell did we make?” and “good god, seriously… what the hell did we make?”. Self doubt, loathing and paranoia is great in this competition.

Tomorrow morning the regional finalists are announced and the Hamilton finals will be held on Wednesday at Chartwell cinemas. I’ll be sure to blog on the announcement tomorrow and hopfully soon draw a close to so many 48 Hours posts.