48 Hours Recap

The theme question of the last week has been “how’d your 48 go?”. I might as well rehearse that answer here as well.

So the Hamilton 48 screenings went well from what I’ve heard. There were five screenings of six heats, I could only attend one heat thanks to the time-eater that is my job.

How’d our film fare? Well, there were speeches before the films. I didn’t know this and it certainly threw me off. A lot. I made some half arsed comments here and there, while the voice in the back of my head was screaming “the hell are you talking about?”. Horrible speech over, the tape rolls and then there’s a delay because I never rewound the tape so there’s this awkward wait as the tape rewinds. Oh and we went on first. I can’t write up enough about how much I hate going on first. The audience is still getting situated and its not until halfway through the film that people are in the right frame of mind to just go along with the ridiculousness of the story and the jokes. Or at least thats how I’d like to look at it. Seriously hate going on first.

So anyway, it played, I don’t remember much of the reactions like a suppressed bad memory and we’ll see how it goes from here. Judges came together over the weekend and made a list of their top 12 finalists. I don’t know any details on this, but I do know they’ve picked a winner and that it all wont be announced til next week. I thought the finalists would at least be announced this week, but nope. Next Tuesday we’ll find out who’s in the top 12 (and on the DVD) and the very next day will be the finals screening where the winners in whatever categories will be announced. But here’s hoping. I just hope we don’t go on first again.