Bargule Bergle Beg

It’s been a long week and I can hardly think to blog anything right now. The countdown to the start of 48 Hours is just under 15 hours. In that time I’m gonna try and get a decent nights sleep for a change (not likely) and finish up some last minute 48 prep work. Mind you, the whole week has pretty much been 48 prepping.

My computer is cleaner than its been in a long time and ready to edit. My room is littered with camera gear blanking off tapes and charging batteries. Plenty more stuff over at Ben’s house as well. I’m too tired as it is right now and the competition hasn’t even started yet. Still, very much so looking forward to the madness and fun that it’ll no doubt be full of.

I should be able to blog a post just before heading into the competition and with a little luck, I’ll occasionally write something during the competition just to keep a log of the inevitable growing moss in my brain that is mad-tree.

Mad tree? Dear god it’s already started.