Well how’s this for consistent blogging?

Got back late last night/early this morning from Auckland having caught a few films at the World Cinema Festival. Coppola’s Youth Without Youth is a prime example of the cop out critique of saying “it looked great” without having anything else nice to say about it.

JCVD was surprisingly good. I say surprisingly good, even though I’ve heard plenty of good things about it, I’d not known in what context ‘good’ actually meant. But it’s a good film, not a masterpiece, but a damn film vehicle for Van Damme and who the hell knew he could act?

Genius Party Beyond was mildy disappointing. The first Genius Party is pretty damn awesome, displaying the multiple angles and methods of animation and storytelling. This follow up compilation was more about style than story. In saying that, there are some wicked animations going on in some of the shorts, but it’s not something I’d be beating down peoples heads to go see immediately.

Meanwhile 48 Hours looms closer and closer. After the weekend of filming 48 Seconds stuff and testing out the equipment, we’re feeling pretty confident and the biggest bonus of all is the fact that we’ve now got a damn decent mic that’s (fingers crossed) won’t crap out on us at the last minute, unlike issues we’ve had with sound every other year. Not much is being revealed about the competition this year and that’s just fine with me. It’s sure gonna be an interesting one this year.