48 Second Weekend

Just got back from a night of shooting some 48 Seconds stuff. This is like a warm up excercise for the 48 Hours competition where you recreate a scene from a movie and incorporate V into it somehow. We’ve had a retarded number of movie ideas and shot two scenes, one from a Cimino film and another from a De Palma film, which are hopefully amusing if not retarded.

We’ve also got ideas to do scenes from a beloved Rob Reiner film, a classic John Carpenter scene, a kickass Michael Mann scene and an everyone’s favourite Christopher Walken scene. Whether we’ll manage to do all of these by the deadline remains to be seen, but it’ll definitely be fun.

The one I’m really keen to do though is the Christopher Walken scene, but the thing about doing a Christopher Walken scene is that you’ve got to talk like Christopher Walken. Unfortunately, no one seems to be able to do a decent enough Walken accent, so our goals by the end of the weekend is to practice and perfect a decent enough Christopher Walken, cause I really like the scene and if we can pull it off, it’ll be hilarious.

Anwyay, back to some editing, more filming tomorrow and more editing by the end of the weekend. Fun times.