Some videos that I’ve meant to post about in the last few weeks but kept closing the window before finishing

Continuing on a love of Craig Robinson and porn. Here’s Craig Robinson in the lastest PG Porn video. Hilarity.

Probably the last Watchmen related thing I’ll post. Not that I’ve been posting much about Watchmen. Not that I really care. This video is amusing anyway.

The trailer for The Brothers Bloom is out and this is near the top of my can’t wait to see list of upcoming movies. Big love for Rian Johnson and Brick and the word is this is right up there. Check the proper HD trailer hereA.

And finally, coming back to porn, is Isabella Rossellini’s Green Porno, which is now out with a second season. Green Porno is a series of videos where Isabella Rossellini reenacts the animal kingdoms mating ritual with cardboard cutouts. I remember when the first season came out and it was a bitch to try to watch it outside of the US but now its all viewable in any country and viewable here. Its awesome.