Some things I’ve meant to post about in the last few weeks but kept closing the window before finishing

  • Bought a new phone… sexy Nokia N95 8GB. Old phone’s battery couldn’t keep a full charge going like a drunk teenager couldn’t keep it’s virginity at an after prom party.
  • Was left half a crayfish on the doorstep to my old house with a note attached addressed to me. Whoever did this has yet to reveal themselves and I wish they’d do so sooner. Images viewable on facebook here. Seriously, who the hell did this?
  • As of yet, haven’t registered for the 48 Hours Furious Filmmaking Competition, but according to the local papers, I’m challenging the whole region to beat me and my team. Something I’m pretty sure I haven’t said, but an have agreed to go along with anyway. Mind you, the challenge didn’t need to be issued out, cause apparently, several groups have their goals set simply to beat me. Charming.
  • Been still looking for regular media work in Auckland, though sheepishly slowly, I blame the recession, my lack of actually living in Auckland and the fact that I’m currently distracted by 48 Hours and 48 Seconds stuff and several music videos I should really get more ahead of.
  • Good friend and all around nice guy Tim Leslie got married the other week to his darling girl Lusi. Hope they enjoyed the wedding card and messages we left them.
  • Other good friends and awesome super couple Joe and Marama just had their baby daughter born the day. Two weeks overdue and an induction needed I think… I’m gonna refrain from making lewd comfortable uterus jokes… so congrats!

There’s so much more I know I’m forgetting to post right now, but this’ll have to do for now.