Updates, Updates, Blah, Blah, Blah…

Christ it’s easy to slack off on posting blogs sometimes… So what’s happened since the last time?

Went to The Kills concert which was awesome. They were, the venue was total crap and packed full of ‘hip indie’ kids which annoyed me to no end and the place was too small for the size of the crowd, but The Kills themselves were fantastic and thanks to some inside sources, we got to go to the gigs after party. Also got to exchange a hello with Jamie and snap a picture with Alison Mosshart who’s nothing but retardedly hot both on and off stage. But apart from that, was too much of a chicken shit pussy to talk to them in depth or anything.

Settled into new flat and it hasn’t been as insane as previously… hoped for or hoped against? I’m not quite sure at this point. But its good, but I’ll still be looking for work in Auckland, which at this point I should really gear up a notch or two on doing.

Had several setbacks last week, most prominently my current phone which has come to be my favourite phone of all the phones I’ve owned so far, started gargling death rattles and has pretty much up and died on me. New phone has been ordered and hopefully will arrive by the end of the week. Great timing on that one as I’ve actually got a need to establish quite a few contacts and phone calls with it.

And in the other more blog worthy news is that registrations for the 48 Hours Filmmaking competition opened last week and since then I’ve been asked on a daily basis if I’m entering again this year and the answer is yes. I’ll be entering in the Hamilton regions one final time, at least in a competitive level with the intention of winning. Of course, that’s not my main intention, but that’ll be a drive for doing it this year. If I enter in further years, in the Hamilton section at least, I’ll be doing it just for pure, retarded, fun reasons (ie filming myself naked for seven minutes singing the theme songs to 70s TV programs while churning a barrel of butter)… actually, screw it, that’s a great idea and it’s going on the ideas pile for this year.