My Weekend of Happy Fun Times

So it turns out I own a lot more stuff that I had originally thought I did. At first, packing up books, CDs and comics, you know, stuff that’s on shelves, was simple and made moving look like it was going to be relatively easy. Well this facade didn’t last long…

Example… Clothes? No problem, I don’t really own that many. Oh wait, jackets? I have quite a few of those. Packed. Done. Oh hey, there’s some more jackets in here, better pack those into some more boxes. Next up… oh wait, there’s more coats in this closet. Better get out another box…

Now repeat this process but each time with a different set of objects like: camera equipment, lighting equipment, computer components, cables, files and folders, scripts, musical instruments, toys, knick-knacks, kitchen stuff, photos and general tiny doo hickey things that I have a tenancy to hold onto for posterity reasons and mix it all up in a building rush of growing haste, panic and the fact that you’re not doing it in any order and you just keep discovering stuff you completely forgot you own and that’s at least a brief description of the moving process I went through this weekend.

Actually, don’t get me started on the packing of the DVDs either. I thought I’d have enough boxes to hold all of them… totally didn’t. In fact, the volume ratio of DVDs was well more than all my books, comics, cds and clothes combined.

Moving is not fun and in fact, I haven’t even moved yet, I’ve moved my furniture (half of it) into my new temporary room, but the room isn’t actually free yet as the guy still hasn’t moved out and wont be for a few days. So all the stuff that required a trailer is packed into the corner, but all the crap that’s in boxes is currently stored at a friends until the room frees up and even then, I don’t think I’ll fit everything into the room.

So it’s safe to say that this whole moving experience has developed a new found appreciation for the lifestyle of hobos and I’m pretty much close to denouncing my worship of consumerism. Well, not quite. But I think I’m going to start selling off a lot of the things I own just so that the next move, whenever that will be, will involve a lot less stuff needing packing and moving… hopefully.

It’s been a long weekend and aside from the packing and moving, there was also a lot of house cleaning involved and by the end of it all, I was dead on my feet, but still managed to go out for some drinks and work a full shift. Actually, I’m still tired as hell because I haven’t had enough catch up sleep, but at this point, I’m used to it. It’s just hard to write anything right now and feel its something actually readable. Like that last line, pretty sure it doesn’t make much sense.

Anyway, a super massive huge big thanks to everyone who helped in some way from helping transport stuff to putting me up for a night (or both). You all know you are. And now I shall enjoy a few days of homelessness until I get to do some proper moving into my new place.