Brief Updating

Been slowly packing and organising my things into boxes and rubbish piles today. Its amazing how much paperwork I’ve accumulated in the last year and a half too.

The last day in this house will be Saturday, and from now till then, I’ll have to sort out my things, move them, sort out where I’m staying next, keep looking for a new job and get a damn haircut. I’ve endured the most of the annoying fringe always getting in the eyes stage, but now I’m reaching the annoying semi-mullet in the back stage which always makes me want to go out and get a haircut, but by the time i hit the hairdressers chair, I haven’t figured out what I want and tell them to just cut it all back to short. Fingers crossed I don’t do that.

Well that was a rather dull post. Here‘s a suggestive picture.