Posting Stuff on Films

Am currently editing a video for my friend Sash and introducing his Samurai Movie marathon this weekend, which is just fun and a good excercise to keep me working. Especially since I’m currently sick from work, which is really annoying, cause I get sick only once a year during the seasonal change from Summer to Winter, but that shouldn’t happen for a few more months. This flu is way too early and I blame it on global warming. To be fair, I do blame everything on global warming, well, I do if I can’t blame it on the robots first.

Last week there was a screening of the short film collection It Came From the Swamp at the Hamilton Gardens Summer Festival. I tried to attend it, but somehow got lost in the gardens and it seemed everyone I inquired had a different opinion of where exactly it was on the grounds. But from what I’ve heard, most screenings have gone down very well and Spit-Takes is a real crowd pleaser, which is great.

At the insistence of several people I’ve uploaded an old video made several years ago. Shot on no budget and for a university music video competition, this was just fun for all involved and turned out to be pretty much one of the only videos I can rewatch without cringing for some self concious reason.

So, without further blathering, I present “I Think I Can” with music by The Pillow.