So What Else Has Been Going On…

Apologies for the lack of posts recently. Currently in the process of packing and moving stuff and looking for new work and a place to at least temporarily stay.

Amusingly, in simple terms, at this point of writing, what’s left of our flat is in a slight state of limbo, not being fully sure which date our landlord has accepted our termination of the tenancy, we could have to move out by the end of this week or in a couple of weeks time.

I’ve at least got a place to store most of my many stuff that’ll soon be many stuff in boxes thanks to the kindness of people I know. Intending to take just the bare essentials, I’ll just have to sort myself out a place to temporarily stay while I continue to look like mad for a new job. Specifically in Auckland. So if anyone in Hamilton is keen to temporarily house an Asian with a loopy sleep pattern going half mad looking for a change of scene, flog me a txt or email.

Actually, the same goes for any media work in Auckland. Anyone reading this that knows of a position opening up, either in editing or camera/lighting, let me know so I can feed my many children and by children, I mean the mini robot army.