Some Post-Birthday Boosh

Had a pretty damn good birthday shindig and many thanks to all who came along to celebrate. This week will see me enjoying the rockin’ sounds of Ryan Adams and drinking a farewell to a friend who’s jumping across the ditch to Australia just cause he can. The crazy bastard.

My friend Fin has resumed blogging again to which the world gives praise to Robot Jesus for. Commence reading his sultry words here at There’s a birthday post somewhere he made for me that includes a video of me some years back. I’m not gonna directly link to it, cause I’m passively embarrassed like that, but feel free to look for it yourself.

My other friend Joe also sent me this, it’s actually intended for Christmas, but his powers of procrastination can rival mine at times, so I’m gonna post it like its a birthday thing.

Actually, I also got sent this by Shoshana, originally taken during my birthday party. Don’t ask. I’m not even sure what I could give as an answer.

And finally, here’s a three cello rendition of The Final Countdown. Boosh!