Sup 2009… Hey! That’s The First Time I’ve Typed the New Year

So I’ve been tremendously enjoying my holidays and have been spending it doing pretty much nothing. Well, nothing worth blogging about. Actually, that was another thing, I had taken an unannounced break from this website as well. But I’m back now. Still on holiday for another week, but I kinda miss the blogging. Plus I’ve bookedmarked way too many things to post to leave it aside anymore.

My friend Fin’s blog Dark in the Boy seems to be discontinued now. After only a few weeks of blogging and posting stuff, the bastard had already gathered more hits than this entire site has, the bastard. But I look forward to whatever new ventures he takes in the new year. No doubt it’ll be something shiny and impressive.

The Nokia Gunphone, it’s only a photoshopped concept photo, but screw it, I want one anyway.

Terry Pratchett is now Sir Terry of Pratchett.

Lots from New Scientist, but my favourites (which are mostly compilations to other favourites are seven mysteries of Earth, seven new wonders of the world, their top 10 articles for 2008 and one that muses on the cosmos’ existence before the big bang which features a couple of my favourite theories. All this theorising almost makes you want that Large Hadron Colider to get colliding, but I’m still okay with this universe existing for now… until our robots rise up and take over. Then I say fire away.